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Over the next several months, Shuman Chrysler Dodge Jeep® Ram will be exploring the history of each of our brands. This month, we tackle the history of Chrysler.

Walter P. Chrysler
Walter P. Chrysler

Though Chrysler was first incorporated in 1925, its history truly began in 1920, when Walter P. Chrysler teamed up with three engineers to design a new car, which debuted in 1924: the 1924 Chrysler Six, which sold for just $1,565.

In the 30s, Chrysler made a name for itself, becoming synonymous with Detroit cars and eventually creating its iconic Imperial series. It was in 1951, though, when things really got moving for Chrysler with the introduction of the HEMI® engine for pure power.

The Chrysler 300 first appeared in 1955 and can probably claim the title of the world’s first muscle car. In the 70s, the spotlight turned to the Chrysler Cordoba, which was “Chrysler’s new small car.” Then in the 80s, Chrysler moved on to the minivan, eventually leading to the famous Chrysler Town & Country, which enjoyed popularity as the minivan of all minivans for several decades.

In the last decade, Chrysler has joined forces with Fiat to form Fiat Chrysler Automobiles; this new automotive powerhouse continues to dominate the market with efficient, powerful, and innovative new models like the Chrysler Pacifica and Chrysler 300, all while staying true to a name that’s been trusted by American drivers for nearly 100 years.

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