Michigan Law Enforcement to Get New AWD Charger

Criminals beware! Chrysler is releasing a new version of their Dodge Charger this model year to officers in the Michigan State Police force. The new patrol car will still be a Dodge Charger Pursuit, but it will now be available in all-wheel drive for the 2014 model year. This new all-wheel drive option makes Chrysler and the Charger more competitive in the patrol car market.

Chrysler is offering five different powertrains to choose from when ordering their new Charger patrol cars. This September, officers of the Michigan State Police force will be using each of the five versions of the new all-wheel drive Dodge Chargers during their annual police vehicle testing.

Sgt. Ron Gromak of the Michigan State Police is expecting that these vehicles will likely be incorporated into his own fleet of patrol cars. “That all-wheel-drive platform is something we’re really interested it,” Gromak said to Police Magazine. “We would have the maneuverability to reach inclement areas without a truck platform or SUV.”

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