Four Reasons Ram’s Sales Are Through the Roof

ram's salesRam might just be the hottest pickup in America right now – with sales up 30% year-over-year as of September, and up 22% for the year. To put the Ram’s growth in perspective, the Chevy Silverado grew just 5.9% this year and the Ford F-Series is down 0.4%. breaks down the reasons Ram’s sales are a force to be reckoned with.

Ford is behind on production of the new F-150. We hate to kick them while they’re down, but we all know Ford is the used to be the king of pickups, and while they are figuring out supplier issues related to the new aluminum-bodied F-150, we’ll go ahead and sell a few pickups to impatient (and rightfully irritated) consumers.

Chrysler is offering some serious incentives. Chrysler’s average incentive on the Ram in August was almost a full $1,000 more than anything GM was offering on the Silverado.

The Ram is highly rated. Incentives are great, but not enough to get someone to invest in a pickup they don’t want. The truth is, Rams sell with or without incentives, because they are highly rated, reliable, and safe. With a rear suspension design that features coil springs instead of leaf springs, the Ram has been recognized as boasting the smoothest, most car-like ride over both Ford and GM’s pickups.

Fuel economy is second to none. Ram’s EcoDiesel V6 might just be its trump card. It’s currently the only diesel offered in a light duty pickup in the US, and earned the Ram an EPA-rated 28 miles per gallon on the highway – making it the most fuel efficient V6 pickup available.

Don’t take out word for it – the Ram 1500 won Motor Trend’s Truck of the Year award in 2013 and 2014 and is also Consumer Reports’ top-rated full-size pickup.

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