Fiat Chrysler Super Bowl Ads Hit Three Emotional Angles

Fiat Chrysler Super Bowl AdsAt this point, it’s been well-established that the Super Bowl is more than just the ultimate competition for professional football players—it also hosts the best advertisements of the year during the commercial breaks.

Many of these ads tend to be for car companies, and this year, Fiat Chrysler stood out as having some of the best, with three memorable commercials that sparks laughs and just the right amount of controversy.

The first ad, “FIAT Blue Pill,” chronicles the journey of a wayward “blue pill” that finds its way to 2015 Fiat 500X. The second ad, “Beautiful Lands,” which is more scenic than humorous, follows the Jeep Renegade all around the world. And lastly, the third ad, gives viewers a serious dose of wisdom while advertising Dodge. Each ad can be viewed below.

With all three ads, Fiat Chrysler was able to inspire–including inspiring a laugh from us at Shuman Motor Company. What did you think? Let us know your favorite of the three Fiat Chrysler Super Bowl ads in the comments.


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