Tips for Bringing a Car to College

Bringing a Car to CollegeIt’s that time of the year, when millions of students country-wide pack up their belongings and head to college. Many of those students will be bringing their cars along for the ride, but there’s a lot to keep in mind when taking your car to college – especially if it will be spending most of its time parked in a parking lot.

Here are our tips for bringing a car to college:

Clean it out every time you leave it. Clean out everything – from loose change to electronics every time you park your car. Often, you’ll park your car for most of the week, as most college campuses are pedestrian- and bike-friendly, making walking or riding easier than driving. Unfortunately, a car full of money-making loot is a car ripe for a break-in.

Ask your insurance company about a low mileage discount. Some insurance companies offer discounts for vehicles that are seldom driven. If you’ll only be using your car occasionally during the school year, talk to your insurance company about opportunities to save money.

Drive it every two weeks. You might find that you need your car even less than you thought, but make sure you take it for a drive every couple of weeks to ensure the battery stays charged.

Check on your car every week. Make sure everything looks okay every week. If there is damage, you want to report it as soon as possible, and in the rare chance you have a broken window, you’ll want to get that fixed before it rains or snows.

Pay attention to parking signs. When parking on campus, you’ll almost always need a parking permit. Make sure you’re parking your car legally to avoid costly tickets or towing.

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