What Is in Store for the Future of Dodge?

The Future of Dodge

Most automakers aren’t usually forthcoming about their plans for the future, but Dodge isn’t exactly conventional. The automaker behind the Hellcat-powered Challenger and Charger has given us a pretty good indication of what its plans are for the next three years…and they’re pretty incredible. All in all, the future of Dodge is looking bright.

First, expect the Dodge Viper to leave the lineup for good. We first saw hints at the Viper’s final performance back when the brand signed a new contract with the UAW. In a slightly more surprising move, the Dodge Dart is likely to leave as well. The United States market is buying larger vehicles in bulk, which leaves little room for a compact car.

As the Viper leaves, expect to see the Challenger receive an all-wheel drive system. That will arrive in a GT AWD trim this year and in the Hellcat in 2017 under the name Challenger ADR. The Charger will see more special editions, but don’t expect any major updates for this model.

The Charger and Challenger will both get a shiny new platform that will increase handling and performance while providing a smoother ride. Perhaps most surprising of all, Dodge is working on a Barracuda convertible that rides on the same platform as the Charger and Challenger.

The Dodge Journey will continue to ride on its current platform until a new one is ready to roll, while the Grand Caravan will become a fleet-only model. The Dodge Durango will see a refresh in 2017 as well as an SRT trim—6.4-liter HEMI V8 engine and all.

Here at Shuman Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, we’re pumped to see Dodge adding several major customer-requested upgrades to popular vehicles!

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