New Challenger Hellcat ADR: Wide Design for the Drag Strip

Race Flag for Challenger Hellcat ADRDodge is giving fans of the Challenger an opportunity to see this model pushed to its limits. The new American Drag Racer (ADR) variant comes with incredible performance and acceleration thanks to some intelligent upgrades, both under the hood and to the exterior. While it might look similar to the standard trim, the Challenger Hellcat ADR is truly unique.

According to Car and Driver, the new ADR comes with wide tires and 707 horsepower capability. A supercharged HEMI V8 engine gives impressive performance, and a wider design means better control at high speeds. A version of the ADR was showcased at last year’s SEMA Auto Show in the form of a GT AWD model, though the ADR has some unique features.

What else does this model get? In addition to mind-blowing acceleration and power, the new Hellcat ADR will have a rear spoiler, refreshed front fascia, and subtle hood scoop. The rear tires measure a whopping 355mm, which is typically found on drag racers. Although there is no word yet on other features, the new ADR will likely have the latest performance technologies as well.

In addition to the ADR, Dodge is offering a range of new options over the next few model years. This includes a GT AWD Challenger, which is currently a prototype. We can’t wait to see the new Challenger Hellcat ADR in action.

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