5 Winter Emergency Kit Essentials

Winter Emergency Kit Essentials | Walled Lake MI

Michigan winters aren’t for the faint of heart. Boost your confidence when traversing through the snow and over ice this season when you put together some basic supplies and pack them in your vehicle’s trunk. Here are five essentials to include in your winter emergency kit.

Ice scraper

If you live in Walled Lake, you’re likely familiar with frequent snowstorms that drift in from the Great Lakes. Having an ice scraper on board makes it easy to keep the windshield and other glass surfaces of your vehicle clear to boost your visibility when driving.

Portable shovel

This tool is useful for clearing space around the tailpipe to prevent fumes from entering the car if it’s idling for a while. It’s also effective for digging out your vehicle from a snow bank if it’s buried in the snow on the side of the road thanks to snow plows.

Safety absorbent

Pack along a small bag of safety absorbent for a traction boost the next time its icy out and your vehicle gets stuck. Can’t find this product at a local auto store? Kitty litter makes a great alternative.

Portable air compressor

It’s common for tire pressure to drop when the temperature falls well below the freezing point. Stow a portable air compressor in your vehicle so you can keep the tires properly inflated, to help prevent a blowout.

Jumper cables

Frigid temperatures can also take a toll on your vehicle’s battery. That’s why jumper cables are another important tool to include in your winter emergency kit, in case you need a jump sooner than roadside assistance can provide.

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