How to Care for Your Car in Walled Lake If You Aren’t Driving It Often

Care For Your Car In Storage | Walled Lake, MI

If you’re spending a lot of time at home or own an extra vehicle (like a classic Dodge Charger muscle car) that you don’t drive every day, you need to take extra measures to maintain them during their inactivity. Cars that aren’t used every day driving around Walled Lake and Detroit, Michigan, can deteriorate and develop problems.

Here are some ways that we at Shuman Chrysler Dodge Jeep® Ram suggest following to help care for your car while it’s in storage.

Protect the tires

The element of your vehicle that can deteriorate most quickly in storage are the tires. Their rubber can crack or flatten, especially if you’re putting weight on the same spot week after week by not driving your car. Cover the tires to protect them from the elements if you park your car outside, and consider relieving some pressure on them by using jack stands if you keep your car in storage for long periods.

Flush the oil

Even if you don’t drive your car much, the engine oil can still deteriorate. Instead of reaching a certain mileage interval to change the oil, flush and replace it every six months, at minimum. This will help ensure it doesn’t break down and clog up the engine.

Consider the battery

A car battery will lose its charge when it’s in storage if it isn’t being driven often enough to recharge automatically. If possible, drive the car once a week to pick up dinner or go grocery shopping so the battery stays charged. If you don’t plan to drive your car at all, we suggest removing the battery from the engine.

If your vehicle has been in storage for a long time, it needs a checkup to ensure everything is working properly, so schedule a service appointment with Shuman Chrysler Dodge Jeep® Ram in Walled Lake.

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