Dodge Journey Crew Meets Family Needs Everywhere

There’s a lot of changes that occur when someone decides start a family. One big shift in priorities after having a family affects the car that you drive. This may not be your very first thought considering a family, but it’s definitely nothing to pass over.

Some options are obvious – you’re not going to be able to have that little coupe sports car to tow around a gaggle of kids and even some of the compact sedans may not fit your stroller and diaper bag plus supplies. Other options, like the dreaded minivan are just out of the question for those who are set on the appearance and style they exude.


This is where the crossover SUV comes in. See you can have it all – a smaller SUV body on a car chassis with plenty of seats and cargo space, as well as safety, fuel efficiency and style. Here you can find the 2013 Dodge Journey Crew to save the day as your superhero SUV.

Edmunds boasts the pros for the 2013 Dodge Journey include its family-friendly size, available built-in booster seats, sophisticated interior, smart touch-screen interface and strong V6 engine. The Dodge Journey also acquired an average user rating of 9.7 out of 10 from MSN Autos. Another auto industry expert,, favors the comfortable ride, easy maneuvering and limited body roll.

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