Windsor Assembly Plant Construction for Secret New Model

Chrysler recently announced it would be constructing a new wing on an assembly plant just across the border in Windsor, Ontario. We’re excited about the new construction here at Shuman Motor Company because that means Chrysler is ramping up production of a new model.

Top Secret File
Windsor assembly plant construction for a top secret new model!
Photo credit: Bigwillyoliver

According to Chrysler, the 4.4 million square feet of space employs over 4,600 workers as of now, and is primarily used for minivan construction. Though Chrysler released few details, the company did say the new addition to the facility would be used for a new model, and the Windsor Assembly Plant construction would be complete in about 14 weeks.

So what does this mean for you? Not much in the immediate future; however, this is just one example of the considerable growth Chrysler has undergone this past year. Although we won’t see the fruits of this new plant for about a year, drivers can expect to see considerably more Chrysler models on the highway.

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