Jeep Wrangler Hybrid Release Might Be around the Corner

Jeep Wrangler hybrid release for 2016?
Looks like the Jeep Wrangler could be going green with a hybrid release in the future!

Who says you can’t go off-road and go green? Of course, if anyone is going to make that leap, it’s going to be Jeep. There’s chatter that these two seemingly disparate qualities may both describe the new Jeep Wrangler.

Jeep knows what the top priorities are for Wrangler-owners. Mike Manley, Jeep CEO, told Auto Express, “For those people who use the Wrangler, the most important thing is the initial torque and the crawl ratio.” In other words, Wrangler-owners like to get around, get around in the most unfriendly terrain.

Knowing that a hybrid powertrain may cause loyalists to wonder whether a green powertrain could hack it, Manley soothed their worries. According to him, electric does not equal weak. He stated, “With an electric motor you have the most torque available.”

Manley admitted the challenge would be range. No one wants to be stuck out on some inhospitable trail, he pointed out. A potential Jeep Wrangler hybrid release wouldn’t take place until 2016, so there’s still time to work out those kinks.

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