Fuel of the Future—CNG

There are a lot of futuristic technologies making their way into cars—electric cars; cars that drive themselves; cars that run on hydrogen, liquid nitrogen, and compressed air; cars made of plastic and foam; even flying cars. The goal of all of these technologies is the make cars more efficient.

Chrysler is joining the future by producing America’s first factory-built pickup, the Ram 2500 4×4 Longbed, that is fueled by compressed natural gas (CNG).

CNG is a much cleaner and cheaper way to fuel our vehicles. It is about 35 percent less expensive than gasoline—that’s about $1.25 cheaper per gallon. CNG also produces 28 percent fewer greenhouse gases when it’s burned.

Another benefit to CNG-powered vehicles is their ability to run on either CNG or gasoline. Unfortunately, this benefit comes at a cost. It adds $11,000 to the price tag of the Ram. It will, however, end up paying for itself. According to Nick Cappa, a Chrysler spokesman, if you drive the truck 15,000 to 20,000 miles per year, the added CNG option will pay for itself in about three years.

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I am the third-generation owner of Shuman Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Walled Lake, MI. After working as a lawyer for 11 years, I took over the dealership my family started in 1955.

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