Chrysler’s 4×4 Dyno Drive Cell Simulates Extreme Snow and Rain Weather Conditions

snowy roadFCA has brought a new technology onboard at its Chrysler Technology Center (CTC) at the FCA US headquarters in Auburn Hills, Michigan. The 4×4 dynamometer is housed in the CTC’s existing drive cell, allowing the cell to be chilled to temperatures as low as 40° below zero and simulate wind speeds up to 100 mph. Simulating blizzard-like conditions allows Chrysler to test and evaluate how well its vehicles perform in extreme weather conditions.

FCA invested a whopping $2.5 million in its lab in order to obtain and install the 4×4 dynamometer rollers, along with an upgrade in ductwork and exhaust capabilities, which allows the automaker to test all-wheel-drive vehicles in blizzard conditions at up to 125 mph.

“Our world-class environmental test center provides dynamic and static testing conditions to simulate the climatic environments that are experienced by our customers around the world,” said John Nigro, Vice President-Product Development of FCA-North America, in a statement. “With more 4×4 and all-wheel-drive (AWD) vehicles in our fleet than ever, this investment will go a long way to providing the durable cars and trucks our customers expect from us.”

FCA’s climatic cells are designed to simulate weather conditions from frigid mid-winter snowstorms to the extreme heat of desert summers, ensuring FCA vehicles will continue to perform regardless of environmental conditions. That’s the magic of Chrysler’s 4X4 dyno.

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