Should You Have a Complete Vehicle Inspection Completed Before Winter?

Temperatures are beginning to drop, and we are headed into the coldest, most frigid months of the year. Is your car ready? Before hunkering down for the winter, we recommend that you make sure your car is up for the challenging conditions associated with winter by scheduling a complete vehicle inspection.

complete vehicle inspectionThough it certainly never hurts to have your vehicle inspected, not every vehicle actually needs a thorough inspection. So, how do you know if your car needs a complete vehicle inspection before the next snowfall?

You bought a used car. If you recently bought a used car and haven’t had an inspection completed, it’s important to have it evaluated before harsh winter conditions settle in.

Something doesn’t seem right. If you’ve noticed something seems off, but haven’t had the problem addressed yet, sooner is better than later. Whether it’s an unusual pull, vibration, sound, or other issue, putting it off may leave you with costly repair bills down the road.

You haven’t kept up with regular maintenance. If you haven’t stayed current with your regularly scheduled maintenance, it’s a good idea to have a thorough inspection completed for peace of mind.

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