Instructions for a DIY Roadside Emergency Kit

You never know what kind of trouble you might run into on the road; especially during the harsh winter months, it’s important to keep a roadside emergency kit in your car. While there are a number of options for buying these types of kits online and in stores, we’ll walk you through how to save money and create your own customized DIY roadside emergency kit.

Must Haves:Jumper Cables

  • Tire repair kit – If you don’t have a spare tire, make sure you have a tire repair kit, which should include tire sealant and an air compressor device.
  • Jumper cables – Jumper cables are a necessity if you find yourself with a dead battery.
  • Flashlight – We recommend opting for a flashlight with a stand or mount so that you can use it hands-free.
  • Warm clothes, a blanket, and warm-weather gear (like gloves, hats, and scarves) – In the event you need to spend the night in your car or walk to the nearest gas station, make sure you have the appropriate gear.
  • Water and snacks – Opt for high protein snacks, and keep water bottles or a jug of water around.
  • Hazard TrianglesRoad flares or hazard triangles – Make sure other drivers can see you, especially at night. Set these out so that they warn other drivers of your location.
  • Shovel and salt – In the event you find yourself stuck in a slick spot, you’ll be grateful for salt or sand for traction, and a shovel to dig yourself out.
  • First aid kit – If you happen to find yourself stranded and hurt, the first aid kit is essential.
  • Car phone charger – You’ll kick yourself if you find yourself stranded with a dead cell phone in your pocket.

extra car fluidsConsider Adding:

  • Extra fluids – Antifreeze, oil, and washer fluid are good fluids to keep in the car, just in case.
  • Age-appropriate items for kids– Think about diapers, wipes, extra formula, medication, etc.
  • Tools – Screwdrivers, pliers, vise grips, an adjustable wrench, and pocketknife could prove valuable if you need to work under the hood.

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Here at Shuman Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, we wish you a safe and hazard-free winter driving season. Make an appointment today to make sure your car is prepared for the winter months ahead!

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