The Dangers of Potholes

Anyone who has driven in America has encountered potholes and already knows that they are uncomfortable—to say the least. Unfortunately, discomfort is not the only thing they cause. Driving in potholes puts large amounts of strain on your car’s tires, wheels, and suspension.

Every year, the average motorist spends about $377 on repairing damage caused by potholes, which typically involve struts, rims, shock absorbers, wheel alignment, catalytic converters, and more.

So what can you do? If your car is already damaged due to potholes, bring it in to our service department in Walled Lake, MI. We can fix you up quick with a tire realignment, fix any dings or dents, or even get you new tires at a discount! Just give us a call at (855) 223-4481 or schedule your appointment online.

If you’re one of the lucky ones to have avoided the Michigan potholes so far, you might still be interested in the Tire & Wheel Road Hazard Protection piece of our Shuman Protection Program, which covers all 4 tires and wheels for 5 years.

road with potholes

Additionally, out of approximately 33,000 traffic deaths each year, about a third involves poor road conditions. What’s more, only about 31% of all roads are deemed to be in condition while 27% of major urban roads, like interstates and freeways, are considered unacceptably rough.

Most of the highways in America were built between the 1950s and 70s, and they were expected to last about 50 years, though traffic has increased substantially since then. Heavily-trafficked roads with poor drainage are at a higher risk of experiencing deterioration.

Why is the infrastructure as bad as this? To simply maintain the nation’s roads, highways, and bridges, the government needs to invest $185 billion per year. As it is, only $68 billion is being invested in our roads. Yet as expensive as that may seem, repairing roads remains cheaper than rebuilding them outright, and Americans collectively spend billions of dollars themselves on car repairs that could have been avoided with better road quality.

Some people use various phone apps to report potholes to the relevant authorities. Until something is done to fix all of the potholes on a massive scale, though, one thing is certain: you should look out on the road and avoid them whenever possible (without making dangerous maneuvers). Your car will thank you.


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